U20 Charlotte Kelsey, over the weekend represented team Great Britain & NI, Charlotte delivered a stunning performance at Mannheim in Germany. On Day 1 competing in the 400m individual race, she secured a remarkable Bronze position and achieved the European Qualification Standard! On the second day Charlotte was part of the 4×4 400m relay team, which came in Silver position. Congratulations Charlotte from the club.

Meanwhile on Sunday the club team was at the NEYDL Monkton event. Team manager Andrew Simpson said, “our athletes once again showcased their remarkable skills and dedication, despite facing a challenging final position. Their exceptional performances in the events they participated in truly stood out. However, it is worth noting that the overall outcome was influenced by the significant number of unfilled events. Despite a few athletes taking on more than two events, had everyone been able to participate in additional events, our team’s final position could have been even more impressive.

One stand out athlete was Theo Gowland, a remarkable talent in the U13B category. Despite being in only his second year of competition for our club, Theo showcased incredible potential. Coincidentally, his first attempt at the discus event proved to be a remarkable feat, earning him 3rd place on the all-time records for this event. His coach spoke highly of Theo’s abilities and expressed great optimism for his future in the sport”.

Looking ahead, our team has another thrilling NEYDL match scheduled for next month. The NEYDL manager Andrew Simpson said “It would be great to build an even stronger team, the addition of more athletes would be greatly beneficial. Their valuable contributions would undoubtedly enhance our collective performance and bolster our chances of achieving greater success”.

If you haven’t competed at this level and are available please contact Andrew

Full results can be found on the NEYDL page here

By Cicero