First events start at 6.00 full timetables are as below, results will appear as soon as they are available.

Note to all

The meeting referee Heather Atkinson may ask for assistance with field events, if there are not enough helpers field events may be shortened or cancelled!!

18th April, Meeting 1 Darlington M1

2nd May, Meeting 2 Middlesbrough M2

16th May, Meeting 3 Darlington M3

13th June, Meeting 4 Middlesbrough M4

27th June, Meeting 5 Darlington M5

11th July, Meeting 6 Middlesbrough M6

NYSD Rules 2017

Note to parents athletes competing at Darlington for the first time, they are held at Eastbourne Sports Complex, DL1 1LJ, there is no stand, parking is limited. Location details via Google street map

Club NYSD manager Dave Welford has kindly said that he will act as this on the dates and will issue numbers with a helper. Please register with Dave on the night (not beforehand), pay your fee, collect your number and retain it for all the NYSD competitions.

Club Fees

Under 11 school year 5 athletes £5 for all 6 matches. entering after 3rd match goes down to £3

Under 13/15/17 for all meetings £5 (£3 after meet 3)

Under 20/Sen/Vet for all meetings £6 ($3 after meet 3)

Guests (IE NONE NYSD CLUBS) £5 per meeting

Numbers should be retained if they have to be reissued it will be at a cost of £2

Club Vests must be worn however U11’s can wear a plain TShirt