Contact the team


Chairman Andy Ward

Secretary Alison Sedgwick

Treasurer Richard Day

Membership Secretary Kate Brazukas

Development/Website/Waiting-list/Male Welfare Marino Rea Danilowicz

Female Welfare Katie Rudge

Merchandising Cyril Banks

Coaching Team

U11s Ray Oliver, Paul Kitson

U11 and Multi-Events Marino Rea, Kate Brazukas

Sprints Peter Lillie

Sprints David Welford

Sprints Jane Kelsey

Sprints Cyril Banks, Contact at the track in the first instance.

Multi-Events Steve Hay

Middle Distance David Howells

Middle Distance Mark Toole

Endurance Martin Peevor

Throws Brian Walsh

Team Managers

Cross Country Martin Peevor

Northern Youth Development League (NEYDL) Katie Rudge

Senior Track and Field Mark Toole

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