Middlesbrough AC highly regarded team of senior Field Officials were much to the fore at the North Eastern County Championships at the weekend having been selected for most of the major roles.

Left to right Elspeth, Robert, Neil, Marino, Richard, Sharon and keys Kate

Marino was the Technical Manager, Sharon Croft and Kate Brazukas Clerks of the Course, Robert Marmoy Field Referee and Richard Day and Elspeth Marmoy Lead Officials.

Their weekend started earlier than most as they were down at the stadium at 1pm on the Friday making preparations.

The equipment needed to be sorted, the sand pits dug and levelled, the high and pole vault stands calibrated.

For the throwing events, Javelin, Discus, Shot and Hammer no fewer than 5 weights for each implement had to be weighed and checked. This was fortunate as it was realised that the stadium had no 6Kg Hammer (Men 50-59). This was resolved the next day by borrowing one from a neighbouring stadium.

For the Triple Jump, boards for the 7m, 9, 11 and 13m take offs had to be prepared and an additional 7m one inserted by tape.

A very early start on the Saturday morning saw the equipment being carried out to their designated stations. For the throwing events highly sensitive Electronic Distance Measuring metres had to be set up.

For the first time ever at the Middlesbrough stadium electronic computerised equipment was used on the No Jump boards. This gives a level of accuracy that the human eye cannot detect.

There was a panic when the high jump bed was uncovered and it was seen that the foam underlay was saturated with rain water. In the absence of any pump an inverted milk bottle had to be used to spoon out the gallons of accumulated water.

For the whole of Saturday and Sunday the officials worked nonstop to ensure the Middlesbrough produced the most successful county championships for quite some time.

Robert Marmoy

By Cicero