The Northern Schools’ Inter-County Athletics Championships held at Gateshead International Stadium showcased the incredible talent of young athletes. Here are the athletes from our club included in the Cleveland Counties team:

Full results can be found here 

Whitney Ofor (JG): Secured 3rd place in the 100m and 1st place in the 200m, displaying remarkable speed and determination.

Eden Creasey (IG): Impressed with a strong performance, finishing 2nd in the 800m event, demonstrating endurance and skill.

Emma Sedgwick (IG): achieving an astounding 1st place in the IG High Jump.

Ava Holmes (IG): Showed great perseverance in the 3000m event, securing 9th place among tough competition.

Althea Johnson (IC): Competed fiercely in the 300m event, securing an impressive 9th place.

Freya Lillie (IC): Displayed outstanding sprinting ability, earning 2nd place in the 100m and 3rd place in the 200m.

Louise Taylor (IC): Demonstrated strength and determination in the 300m event, finishing 3rd.

Jennifer Iceton (IC): Showed great resilience, securing 3rd place in the competitive 300m event.

Finlay Maynard (IB): sprinting to an impressive 1st place in the 200m.

Thomas Watton (IB): Exhibited impressive speed, earning 2nd place in the 200m event.

Zak Marshall (IB): Competed valiantly, finishing 4th in the highly competitive 400m event.

Ethan Marron (IB): Demonstrated skill and endurance, securing 5th place in the challenging 800m event.

Thomas McKie (IB): Displayed determination and stamina, finishing 5th in the grueling 3000m event.

Liam Wallinger (IB): Showed promise in the 300m event, securing 8th place among strong competitors.

Congratulations to all the exceptional athletes for their remarkable performances and for proudly representing Cleveland County. The Northern Schools’ Inter-County Athletics Championships truly showcased an abundance of talent and unwavering dedication. Additionally, a special congratulations to those who have been selected to advance to the English Schools Athletic Association Finals in Birmingham.

By Cicero