In a scorching day at Churchill Fields, the Senior match witnessed four competitors and four officials taking part. The relentless heat didn’t deter the four athletes who valiantly competed in a total of 16 events. The majority of the events, 13 in total, were dedicated to the talented women, while the men participated in three events.

Haley, a remarkable athlete, showcased her endurance and determination by engaging in an impressive seven events. It’s worth noting that she had already participated in two events the day before at the Masters North East Championships, where she proudly secured two Gold medals in the 100m and 200m races.

Following in Haley’s footsteps, Faye also demonstrated her versatility by successfully completing six events at the Senior match. Anthony, on the other hand, participated in two events, while William took part in one event, both showing their commitment to the club’s success.

Not only did our athletes shine on the field, but our dedicated field officials, Sharon, Robert, Richard, and Marino, also played an integral role in ensuring the smooth running of the event. They had a demanding day, as they not only supported our club’s events but also stepped in to assist other teams that lacked qualified officials for the long throws. It’s worth mentioning that Richard and Marino had already officiated at the Inter Counties event hosted at Gateshead the previous day, showcasing their unwavering dedication.

However, it is important to address a pressing concern. Our club is currently facing a shortage of timekeepers and track officials. It would be immensely beneficial to see these crucial positions filled not only at our matches but also at other league competitions. By doing so, we can guarantee the smooth and efficient execution of events, ensuring the continued success of our club in future competitions.

Full Senor results can be found here

By Cicero