High Jumper Silhouette Stencil
A longstanding club U17W High Jump record has been shattered after 17 years of standing strong!

Let’s give a round of applause to Anna Welford, who set the previous record of 1.60m way back in 2005.  Impressive feat, Anna!

However, the bar has been raised even higher with an outstanding performance by the talented Emma Sedgwick in 2022! Emma soared above expectations, clearing a remarkable height of 1.61m at Sports City then with 1.64m at Shildon, surpassing the previous record with grace and determination!

But wait, the excitement doesn’t end there! With her incredible talent and relentless drive, what new heights will Emma Sedgwick reach this year? The anticipation is sky-high!

Join us in cheering for Emma as she continues her remarkable journey, pushing her limits, and striving for new heights!

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By Cicero