Exciting news from the Northern Championships!  Charlotte’s stellar performances over the weekend have left us in awe! Here’s a rundown of her remarkable achievements:

Saturday: 🥇 GOLD in the U20w 400m event! 🏅 Charlotte blazed through the finish line, setting a NEW personal best of 55.13 seconds, while also smashing her club’s previous record!

Sunday: 🥈 SILVER in the U20w 200m race! Charlotte demonstrated her incredible speed, clocking a sensational time of 24.24 seconds. Not only did she secure a podium finish, but she also achieved another significant milestone—setting a NEW personal best and a fresh club record! 🎖 Additionally, her outstanding performance secured her qualification for the highly esteemed British Senior Championships! 🇬🇧🔝

We’re beyond impressed with Charlotte’s exceptional talent and determination. She continues to leave a trail of records and accomplishments in her wake!

By Cicero