The recent NECAA championships witnessed remarkable displays of athleticism and determination. Let’s take a closer look at the standout performances of Middlesbrough AC (Mandale) with 3 Gold medals, 11 Silver medalists, 2 Bronze medals and the inspiring personal bests achieved by several athletes.

Gold Medalists:

  1. Emma SEDGWICK – U17W High Jump (Achievement: Cleared 1.56 meters)
  2. Macy JAMES – U17W 100m (Achievement: Finished with a time of 13.63 seconds)
  3. Charlotte Lily KELSEY – U20W 400m (Achievement: Finished with a time of 56.33 seconds)

Silver Medalists:

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  1. Eden CREASEY – U17W 800m (Achievement: Silver medal with a time of 2:13.79)
  2. Charlie JONES – U15M 1500m (Achievement: Silver medal with a time of 4:29.60)
  3. Ethan MARRON – U17M 1500m (Achievement: Silver medal with a time of 4:25.42)
  4. Freddie LLOYD – U15M 100m (Achievement: Silver medal with a time of 13.12 seconds)
  5. Sophie KRENZLER – U15G 200m (Achievement: Silver medal with a time of 28.54 seconds)
  6. Thomas WATTON – U17M 100m (Achievement: Silver medal with a time of 11.77 seconds)
  7. Charlotte Lily KELSEY – U20W 200m (Achievement: Silver medal with a time of 24.6 seconds)
  8. Eden CREASEY – U17W 1500m (Achievement: Bronze medal with a time of 4:50.64)
  9. Will Frederick FIRMAN – U20M 200m (Achievement: Silver medal with a time of 24.22 seconds)
  10. Thomas WATTON – U17M 200m (Achievement: Silver medal with a time of 23.24 seconds)
  11. Jacob BROWN – U17M 3000m (Achievement: Silver medal with a time of 9:39.27)

Bronze Medalists:

  1. Elizabeth MCKIE – U17W 1500m (Achievement: Bronze medal with a time of 5:26.02)
  2. Max CREASEY – U20M 5000m (Achievement: Bronze medal with a time of 15:08.85)

In addition to the impressive medal-winning performances, 11 athletes showcased their dedication and improvement by achieving personal bests at the championships. Their outstanding efforts deserve recognition for pushing their own limits and striving for greatness.

The NECAA championships brought together exceptional Middlesbrough AC (Mandale) athletes who left their mark through stunning medal-winning performances and personal best achievements. These dedicated individuals showcased their talent, determination, and perseverance, inspiring others to reach for new heights in their own athletic journeys.

Full results of the two day championships can be found on Rosta here Day 1 and Day 2

Full list of athletes events times and distances:

U17W 800m Silver Eden CREASEY PB 2:13.79

U15M 1500m Silver Charlie JONES PB 4:29.60

U17M 1500m Ethan MARRON PB 4:25.42

U15M 100m William James ATKINSON 12.89, Freddie LLOYD 13.12

U17W 200m Jennifer Elizabeth ICETON 29.34, Freya LILLIE Heat 26.82, Final 26.63  Althea Hope JOHNSON 28.27

U15G 200m Heat Sophie KRENZLER 29.06, Final 28.54

U17M 100m Thomas WATTON PB Heat 11.67 Final 11.77

U20W 200m Charlotte Lily KELSEY Silver 24.6, Leoni PYE 28.26

U15 Long Jump Amelia Charlotte FIRMAN PB 3.65m

U17W 1500m Eden CREASEY Bronze 4:50.64, Elizabeth MCKIE 5:26.02

U17W High Jump Gold Emma SEDGWICK 1.56m

U20M Long Jump Will Frederick FIRMAN 5.51m

U17M 800m Luke BOOTHBYPB 2:07.76, Ethan MARRON PB 2:07.90

U15M Long Jump Freddie LLOYD 4.33

U15G 300m Sophie KRENZLER Heat PB 43.56, Final 44.20

U20W 400m Gold Charlotte Lily KELSEY  56.33

U17W 300m Jennifer Elizabeth ICETON 44.73

U17M 3000m Silver Jacob BROWN 9:39.27

U17W 100m Macy JAMES 13.63, Freya LILLIE Heat PB 12.96 Fiunal 13.44 Erin FULLER SB 14.25

U15B 200m Freddie LLOYD PB 25.39, William James ATKINSON PB 25.44

U17m 200m Thomas WATTON Heat 23.51 Final 23.24

U20M 5000m Max CREASEY Bronze PB 15:08.85, Thomas MCKIE 16:13.34

U20M 200m Silver Will Frederick FIRMAN 24.22

By Cicero