Hold onto your seats, because we’re about to take you on a whirlwind journey through a weekend. It’s time to recap the pulse-pounding events that unfolded on Saturday and Sunday, leaving athletes and spectators alike buzzing with excitement.

Saturday: Match 4, Final Northern Track and Field League meeting of 2023

Imagine a crisp morning at Middlesbrough Sports Village, where anticipation hung in the air like electricity. The Northern Track and Field League reached its crescendo with Match Four, this wasn’t just about athletes; it was about a collective effort that made this spectacle possible.

Our remarkable team of officials, still nursing the exhaustion from last week’s Junior Championships, stepped up to the plate once more. These unsung heroes became the backbone of the event, lending their expertise to teams lacking level 2 qualified officials. As the sun rose, our officials were already hard at work, transforming the stadium into a battleground of athleticism.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, a dedicated group of athletes took center stage, determined to give it their all. Despite the odds, they showcased unwavering spirit and commitment, leaving a trail of inspiration in their wake. The provisional results can be found in the Senior section of our website, a testament to the sheer perseverance exhibited by these athletes.

Hold onto your hats because the excitement doesn’t stop here! Brace yourselves for a pivotal November meeting, where a brand-new League is set to rise from the ashes. Picture a committee-driven masterpiece, an amalgamation of thrilling events reminiscent of NEYDL but with a fresh twist in the timetable. This is the future of athletics – stay tuned!

Results available here


Sunday: Unleashing Athlete Frenzy at Shildon!

As the sun dawned on Sunday, Shildon witnessed an explosion of athletic prowess like never before. The NECAA Open Meeting turned this quaint town into a cauldron of energy, drawing athletes from the North East and beyond. For four heart-pounding hours, the track was a canvas where dreams transformed into reality.

Picture the camaraderie, the fierce competition, and the electrifying atmosphere that enveloped Shildon. Athletes from NYSD and various clubs united in a display of sportsmanship and skill that left spectators spellbound. And here’s the kicker – rumor has it that more such meetings by NECAA are in the works for next year, promising to up the ante even further!

A resounding round of applause is due to each and every participant who gave their heart and soul to these two monumental events. Your dedication fuels the fire of sports enthusiasts everywhere, reminding us that the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds.

So there you have it – a weekend that transcended the ordinary and delved into the extraordinary. Keep your senses on high alert, for this is just a taste of the riveting stories that local athletics continues to unfold.

Results available here