Don’t forget it’s this Sunday registration from 2:30 in the Leisure Centre at Macmillan Academy:

Group allocation: All will stay in the age groups through the series and only change age groups when the series moves back outdoors at Middlesbrough Sports Village.

Accumulative points system: All will now receive 1 point for competing on the day, the top 6 will still receive additional points; 6 for 1st  to 1 point for 6th position, this will determine who receives the overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd position over the series, in both age groups boys and girls.

Linear shot event: Will change to a medicine ball chest push throw. For many of the entrants from the younger group this event may be the first time they have thrown a shot as they may not do this regularly in training sessions. Changing to a chest push throw will encourage a correct technical position and help develop both left and right hand throwing and is underpinned in Athletics 365. Athletics 365 is a multi-event, young people development programme, a video explaining the programme can be found here on our website

Reference ‘Power of 10’: Unfortunately we will not be submitting results as we only have one chief official registered and ‘Power of 10’ rules require that we have four, Starter, Chief Timekeeper, Chief Field Official and Chief Track Judge.

By giraffe