> Attached are the results for the NYSD relay meeting at South Park
> today, if you spot any errors please let me know.
> A big thank you to Ian Barnes and the members of Darlington Harriers
> for putting on the meeting , sorry about the delayed start but we
> thought it best in the circumstances. The races seem to go well and
> the rain stayed away which is always a bonus.
> That concludes the XC season for another year, thanks to all the
> athletes who have attended the meetings, all the clubs who have hosted
> meetings and finally the officials who have stood out in all weathers.
> We hope to see you all next season., donโ€™t forget the NYSD Track &
> field season starts on Tuesday 17th April at Eastbourne Stadium,
> Darlington.

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> Regards
> Sid Rudd (NYSD XC sec)

By giraffe