12th – 13th August, Middlesbrough Sports Village. After an absence of 8 years, these championships returned to the sports village. Amidst blustery conditions interspersed with showers, the athletes from our club showcased their exceptional talents across various disciplines. It’s essential to recognize that the success of the event was not only attributed by 590 athletes, but also to the invaluable contribution of over 90 officials each day, who graciously and voluntarily participated. Their unwavering dedication and commitment, combined with the tireless efforts of these officials, played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of the championships.

The event’s smooth operation was made possible by the collaborative efforts of a diverse team of officials, starting with the Meeting Manager and Directors, Field and Track Referees, and encompassing various other crucial roles including registration, call room staff, presentation team, announcing, photo finish, timekeepers, starters, field officials, and the technical team. This cohesive ensemble of individuals was effectively led by the technical manager and equipment officer.

It is important to emphasize that without the selfless contributions of these dedicated individuals, the event simply would not have been feasible. Their voluntary participation and hard work underscore the passion and commitment that are integral to the world of athletics. The success of the championships stands as a testament to the collective spirit of teamwork and determination, encompassing both the athletes and the officials who played an indispensable role in making the event a resounding success.

Here is a concise report, highlighting the stand out performances of our club’s athletes in each category: Full results can be found on the North Athletics website here

U15 Boys:

William Atkinson (100m, 200m): William Atkinson delivered remarkable performances in both the 100m and 200m races. His explosive speed and flawless technique secured him a well-deserved place among the top competitors in his age group.

U15 Girls:

Sophie Krenzler (100m, 300m): Sophie Krenzler demonstrated her versatility by excelling in both the 100m and 300m races. Her determination and endurance were evident as she powered through both events, showcasing her potential as a rising star in track and field.

Whitney Ofor (100m, 200m): Whitney Ofor’s performances in the 100m and 200m races highlighted her speed and agility. Her consistent performance throughout the competition showcased her potential as a competitive athlete in her category.

U17 Men:

Sam Archer (1500m): Sam’s strategic approach and stamina were on full display in the 1500m race. His ability to maintain a strong pace allowed him to secure a notable performance in a challenging distance event.

Jacob Brown (3000m): Jacob’s tenacity shone in the grueling 3000m race. His ability to endure and maintain a competitive pace throughout the event positioned him as a prominent athlete in the U17M category.

Kian Wallinger (3000m): Kian’s performance in the 3000m race showcased his endurance and commitment. His dedication to maintaining a strong pace contributed to his commendable showing in the event.

U17 Women:

Eden Creasey (800m): Eden’s tactical approach and speed were evident in the 800m race. Her ability to manage her pace and finish strong showcased her potential in middle-distance events.

Gracie Duffy (300m): Gracie’s performance in the 300m race highlighted her speed and determination. Her strong finish demonstrated her ability to excel in shorter sprints.

Erin Fuller, Macy James, Freya Lillie (100m, 200m): Erin, Macy, and Freya exhibited their speed and agility in the 100m and 200m races. Their performances reflected their dedication to short-distance events.

Emma Sedgwick (High Jump): Emma’s high jump performance showcased her technical prowess and athleticism. Her ability to clear heights efficiently marked her as a strong contender in the high jump discipline winning Gold.

Louise Taylor (300m): Louise’s performance in the 300m race demonstrated her endurance and speed. Her strong showing solidified her place among the top competitors in her category.

In conclusion, our club athletes competing in the Northern Championships displayed exceptional dedication, skill, and sportsmanship. Their performances not only impressed the spectators but also hinted at a promising future for track and field athletics. The event served as a platform for these young athletes to showcase their talents and mark their presence in our sport.