North Yorkshire & South Durham League 2019

1.All athletes except Under 11’s must be registered with England Athletics.

2.Athletes may only compete if they are members of a club and should wear a club vest (except in the case of Under 11’s, however no football tops will be permitted).

3.Athletes must compete in their own age category:

  • Under 11 is school year 5
  • Under 13 is school year 6 & 7
  • Under 15 is school year 8 & 9
  • Under 17 is school year 10 & 11
  • Under 20 is post-Secondary School and under 20 on 31 Dec 2018
  • Senior Inc. Vets Under 20’s compete as Seniors

4.The maximum number of events an athlete may compete in are:

  • Under 13/15/17 3 events
  • Under 20 5 events

5.Entry Fees. 

The NYSD treasurer will send an invoice to clubs after the final meeting as follows:

  • Under 11/13/15/17 for all meetings £5 (£3 after meet 3)
  • Under 20/Sen/Vet for all meetings £7 (£4 after meet 3)
  • GUEST athletes (i.e. members of non NYSD clubs) £5 per meeting.


The events highlighted in coloured text are “championship” events – there will be vouchers for the age group winners and certificates for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd places. There is a separate award for male & female.
GUESTS are not eligible for awards.

  1. Field Events –Trials and Minimum requirements.

Under 11’s 2 Trials only

All other age groups 3 Trials, with extra trial for top 6 at referee’s discretion.

Where the number of long jump competitors is high and there are insufficient officials to operate two pits – the referee may decide to curtail competition to 2 trailsHigh Jump

Minimum Heights:

  • Under 13 1.05m
  • Under 15 1.10m
  • Under 17 1.15m
  • U20/Sen/Vet 1.20m

For High Jump, each competitor may stay in the competition until they have had a maximum of SEVEN jumps or THREE consecutive failures, whichever occurs first.

The minimum take off board for triple jump is 7m for all.
FOR ALL THROWING EVENTS U20 and Vets should throw the appropriate weight for their age category.

7.Team Managers. Each club must provide an adult representative to register/allocate numbers.

There will be a list held by league officials, for team managers to sign in at each meeting and supply a contact number.
Numbers issued at registration are to be retained and used by the athlete at all meetings. Except in the case of GUESTS where a new number should be obtained at each meeting.

The athletes age category should be written on the front of the number to assist the starting team.

Replacement numbers are the responsibility of the athlete/club and will be charged at £2.00.


  1. Officials.

Each club is expected to provide officials.

Ideally 1 timekeeper, 1 track judge and 2 field judges.

At least one should be graded but ungraded officials should also be encouraged, and this is an ideal forum for them to gain experience.

As an absolute minimum club, should provide 1 official.

Should there be insufficient officials to manage events safely then events may have to be cancelled.

By giraffe