Well, what a great turn out yesterday was at Shildon & our club coming a fantastic 2nd with 377 points, just 110 short of New Marske.

We have one more match left on 17th July so let’s try and come out on top & become a great club again. We should all be working together as a team & having the passion to be the best we can be.

We desperately lack in field events & hurdles; this is where we struggle with points. I got some athletes competing in shot, discus, high jump & javelin yesterday (some for the first time ever) & we we’re coming 1st & 2nd. I think if all coaches just gave their athletes a nod just to try at least one field event, then I think we could win. Some of the other coaches also agreed with this.

Certain clubs seem to have an athlete for every event & 9 times out of 10 they’re just competing against themselves, which obviously is still gaining points.

I genuinely believe our club have the better athletes, but we just need that extra team spirit & passion. There’s 3 weeks until our last match so let’s get as many of our athletes out there & show all the other clubs what we’re made of!!!

League positions after 3 matches

Katie Rudge
NEYDL team manager

By Cicero