A date has been set for our Club AGM, it will be on Thursday November the 9th at 7.30pm, in the training room at MSV.

This is an important event for our athletics club, it’s a gathering where members come together to shape the future of our club. If you’re wondering why you should attend, here’s reasons why:

  1. Have a Say: The AGM is your chance to voice your opinions and ideas about the club’s activities, goals, and direction. Your input matters, and this is the forum where it counts.
  2. Stay Informed: By attending, you’ll get firsthand access to crucial club documents. These documents hold valuable information about the club’s plans, finances, and more, allowing you to stay informed about its inner workings.
  3. Meet Fellow Members: It’s an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with fellow club members. Networking with like-minded individuals who share your passion for track and field athletics can be inspiring and beneficial.
  4. Shape the Future: Your presence at the AGM can help shape the future of Middlesbrough AC (Mandale). You can influence decisions that will impact the club’s growth and success.
  5. Support Your Club: Your attendance demonstrates your commitment and support for our athletics club. Your active participation helps ensure the club continues to thrive.

So mark your calendar for November 9th and keep an eye on your email for AGM documentation. Your participation can make a significant difference to Middlesbrough AC (Mandale).

AGM documentation can be found here

By Cicero