May 12, 2017

In the winter of 78-79 a new member Dave Parry was the only representative at the National cross country at Luton. But a certain Colin Walker had joined and would prove to be a very valuable member to the club. Finances were again an issue (aren’t they always) with the club in the red by ยฃ19.20.

This is a version of the Club’s history up to the end of 1979 by founder member Mike Starford and abridged by Jill King. Hopefully through Mike we can look forward to a continuation of the history of the club from 1979 onwards. It would be another 5 years in 1983 before Sarah King would join the club, training alongside Anthony Dryden and Robbie Simpson with Cyril as their coach. A new Membership Secretary in the form of her Mum took over up to the present day.

The Club intends to celebrate 40 years of Mandale in January 2015 and would appreciate any photos, results etc. relating to the history of the club. Please contact Jill via the club website or membership form for contact details

By giraffe