May 12, 2017

Mandale organised the North East cross country championships at Preston Park. Mick Garrett was the instigator of the first Gisborough Moors race starting from the Rugby Club and going to Capt Cook’s Monument, Easby Moor, Roseberry Topping and High Cliff Nab. It was a resounding success and is still a regular event on the fell running calendar.

At the start of the Track and Field season, trouble was brewing. Members were undecided as to whether they were happy to run as individuals or as a team within the club. A special general meeting was held in the canteen room under the stands at Clairville. Andy Ward was involved, yes our Andy as secretary. Part of his minutes read…..

‘A motion to amalgamate with another club was discussed, voted upon and heavily defeated. The committee stated they would do their utmost to improve the morale and communications within the club’

After that meeting, it was felt that having the club Mandale was something special and worth keeping so the members rallied and weathered the storm. Amongst the winners at that time were our current Treasurer Francis O’Connor along with his brother Patrick, our Patrick’s Uncle. By November, it was obvious that there was not enough room at Clairville for 2 clubs. Exclusive club sessions were held on Mon/Wed at Tilery sports centre in Stockton with the added bonus of an indoor sports hall. With the dedication of Cyril, Roy and Mike along with new comers Dave French and John Flook, Mandale was not going to fail.

By giraffe