May 12, 2017

Over the winter cross country season that year, Mandale in conjunction with Stockton Borough Council held its first NYSD XC fixture. Starting from the Harold Wilson centre in Thornaby and using the Bassleton woods area. The Senior men won the title for the second year in succession. Youngsters showing promise included Tom Dunne, Dave Pearson, and Terry Franks with more success from Mike O’Donnell, Mike Semp, A Morion and Rodney Flory. Tom Flory had his best season on the roads winning the Yorkshire marathon, 2 nd at Rotherham and 5 th in the Cleveland Major.

The track season that year was poor with a lack of sprinters and field athletes. Several of the ladies were a little better, Tracy Mylan and Sandra Laws.

By October Roy as treasurer was reporting that although there had been a fund raiser in the form of a disco, there was a deficit of £35.43. The cost of holding T&F meetings, team entries and buses to fixtures took its toll on the finances( sounds oh so familiar)Subs were raised Seniors £4.70, School age £2.00.

For reasons unknown Tom Flory left the club. Several members and parents also left but here at last was someone to step into the breach. Enter our very own Jimmy Hedley (Steve Cram’s famous Coach) Cyril Elliott. He took over the coaching of the younger athletes. Such was his enthusiasm and good nature he was nicknamed the ‘Pied Piper’ having up to 40 athletes following his every word and every step. His calm disposition was notable to all who remember him.

By giraffe