Club officials were out again in force, this time at the end of season invitation Valhalla Throws Event at York University.

Perfect conditions, just a smidgen of rain which didn’t deter over 50 athletes of all ages and gender compete in four throws disciplines of Javelin, Shot, Discus and Hammer.

Club officials pictured left to right, Marino 3rd, Sharon 7th (white hat), Richard 8th .

Smiles from everyone, 16 PBS were recorded over the day; the officials had the benefit of using at each event area a Electronic Distance Measuring (EDM), which aided the smoothness of each event.

Culmination of the days competitions was the Discus A Pool, where Joe Martin SM, one time Middlesbrough AC (Mandale), Gateshead/York St John University/Newham & Essex B, Joe competed against Ebenezer Abara U23 Kingston upon Hull/Italy and Laurence Okoye SM Croydon/GB, IAAF World Championships 13th. Commonwealth Games Silver. European Championships Bronze.

For accuracy and speed, as long distances were to be expected, this last event had 11 officials adjudicating, not as the rest of the events of 4. Field Referee, and team leader with 3 officials spiked the distance, supported by 3 retrievers, scoreboard official, EDM and Circle exit and rim judge.

Warm ups started with a taste of what was to come, officials scattering at the 65m mark, not anticipating the height and force of Laurence’s throw, retiring back to the 50m mark for the rest of the throwers, after 6 rounds the result was:

Ebenezer came 3rd with a distance of 44.14m

Joe came 2nd with a distance of 49.88m

Laurence coming 1st with a distance of 64.78m

A magnificent day for throwing and a welcome return, plans are being laid down for the 2023 competition, its well worth for all throwing athletes to enter.

Full results can be found here.

By giraffe