After an enthralling final match at Shildon, trialling most of the day behind New Marske, who insensately had a bigger team in breadth, our club came second on the day, but a surprise was at the trophy presentation, our club came joint second over the series!! Well done to all athletes that participated over this season and to their coaches, a few more spots that could have been filled would have meant we would have come first, but that’s for next season, and how the club gets organised.

Team manager Katie with officals, coach and club committee member

Well done to Katie in marshalling the team, she needs a standing round of applause, managing is a difficult job to do, parents helping out in that department would be great. Special mention also to the club official’s, we were luckily to have full complement of track judges, time keepers and field official’s until the last match, the points that official’s bring in to the total of the clubs points is important as are the athletes ones.

Overall its been an interesting season coming out of Covidor for the NEYDL, lots of clubs had missing athletes that hadn’t returned, this has been a problem not just with athletics but all sports.

We have a great facility at the sports village which is under utilised for athletics especially in Middlesbrough area, traditionaly our club has attracted athletes of all ages from the Teesside area. The clubs that are climbing in the Teesside area have in place a great enthusiastic base of young U13’s and U15’s, something that our club needs and will address.

By Cicero