FANTASTIC FOUR – 13 August 2017

A reminder about the next F4 event at Middlesbrough Sports Village starting at 2.30 p.m. If possible, please register by the night before at or on the day from 2.00 p.m. – 2.30 p.m. Please bring 4 pins for your track number and fee of £2.50 per athlete.
Please see Competitions/Events – Fantastic Four for flyer

NECAA Outdoor Pentathlon – Saturday 16 September 2017

Check out the “Non Middlesbrough AC” section of Competitions/Events for more details

YDL 23/07/2017

NECAA Sprint Relays – Wednesday 6 September 2017

Daniel Njai sends an invitation to this Meeting which will take place at Monkton Stadium, Jarrow. Clubs will compete for the honour of winning the Sprint Relay Shield, currently held by Tynedale Harriers.

Event information
Event Rules
SEPT Track Relays – RULES

Please note that there is a revised points system for this year’s event.
Once again the Relays will be held alongside the North East Throwing Festival. Check out www.necaa to keep fully up-to-date with these events

NECAA Sprint Relays Meeting – Wednesday 6 September 2017

Check out the “non Middlesbrough AC events” section of Competitions/Events to find further details of this meeting taking place at Monkton Stadium, Jarrow.

Bronze Medal – Josh Allen

Congratulations to Josh Allen who gained a Bronze medal at the Youth Commonwealth Games in Bahamas on the weekend of 22/23 July 2017. Great effort!

Results 2nd July 2017

YDL 15/7/2017

Josh Cowperthwaite

Congratulations to Josh who gained Bronze in the 3000m at school international in Dublin

Bronze Medal – Hannah Segrave

Hannah Segrave gained a bronze in the women’s under 23 international in Poland. Well done Hannah and her coach Cyril Banks