Awarded England Athletics North East Project of the year 2016

Outdoor series dates held at Middlesbrough Sports Village all on Sundays, 21st May, July 2nd, August 13th.

Events are : 8 -9 age group 100m, Howler throw, 300m long jump. 10 - 11 age group 100m, Howler throw, 600m, long jump.

Over the matches awards will be presented to the top 3 boys and girls in each age group. 

Awards-rules-2016-17 updated November 2016

To ensure smooth running of the event (especially the field events) volunteers to act as helpers on the day will be welcomed.

Any queries to meeting manager Marino Rea Danilowicz

05.03.17 Final Indoor match Macmillan Academy 

Magnificent! Our 2016-17 Indoor Series Fantastic Four finale was held on Sunday 5th March. Competition was fierce, with athletes pushing themselves to their limits in an effort to achieve their best performances and secure a coveted medal.

Starting with a minutes silence for Charles Stuart our greatly missed friend, talented coach and former chairman, was, we thought, a fitting tribute for a well respected gentleman of athletics. An empty timekeepers seat a mark of respect for our mentor, whose passion for athletics helped develop many young athletes and coaches old and new.

Again, competitors from clubs around the region attended, with athletes from Darlington, Shildon, Birtley and many from the host club. With eighteen athletes in the 8-9 years category and eight 10-11 year olds competing we ran a round robin of events, which meant the competitors stayed in motion throughout. Running short and long distance, off bounding boards, then competing a standing long jump and finally a chest push, they showed they were talented, adaptable and capable. They arrived ready to be their absolute best, which proved excellent entertainment for their supporters.

Competition was keen and one brave athlete, despite a spectacular fall showed how athletes have great persistence, stamina and endurance, picking herself up and continuing on through her tears of frustration. Whilst the totals were counted, a team relay showed that athletes know how to work together.

Huge thanks and congratulations to all our athletes for both their performances, see the results tables, and for continuing to support our newly honoured Fantastic Four competition. Each athlete was given a certificate of merit, to record their seasons best and set their targets for the coming season’s events.

Our champions for this season; in the boys 8-9 group, George Charville and Emma Sedgewick, who successfully defended her under 9's 2015-6 title. Poppy Loughran won the girls 10-11 category and joint winners for 10-11 boys were Edward Baker and Harry Wilson.

As ever, behind the scenes are many valued supporters. Enormous thanks to Macks Solicitors for their continued support in sponsoring this special event. Also, to all the officials, parents and older athletes who help make the event run smoothly. One last big thank goes to Macmillan Academy for using the Leisure Centre and of course Sarah's faultless contributions.

Here's to a superb outdoor season - good luck to everyone!


Group 8 - 9 scores

Group 10 - 11 scores

Final positions 

2017 outdoor dates at Middlesbrough Sports village will be announced shortly


Scores on the doors, accumulative points going into the final meeting on Sunday the 5th March.

29.01.17 Happy New Year - what better way to start than to challenge yourself in four athletic events ...... our junior competition, we call the Fantastic Four !

Yet again young athletes from around the region came together. They battled against the clock in a short and long distance run, followed by a standing long jump and, replacing the indoor shot this time, the well loved chest push.

Enthusiastic athletes and their wonderful supporters came from Birtley, Darlington, Shildon and the host club Mandale, providing  an enjoyable afternoon of sport. Competing in the 8-9 age category were 24 juniors and 9 athletes in the under 11's  events.

Working in groups of 3 and 4, they raced against the clock to find out whether their winter training routines were getting them in shape. It was wonderful to welcome 5 new athletes, currently on the Mandale waiting list, coming for a skills 'taster experience'  Whilst the conditions were cold, even for indoor competition, the juniors dug deep and produced fabulous performances, cheered on loudly by their friends and carers.

Many thanks as always to our sponsors, Macks Solicitors, and our willing team of volunteers, who lend us their valuable time so we can continue to run this event.

If you feel you could spare your time in the next round, or have skills you feel the club would benefit from, please get in touch. Our merry band needs new team members to help organise and officiate events, training sessions and raise funds. Keeping competitions running and ensuring membership fees stay as low as possible is a team effort - come join us !


06.11.16 match 1 of the indoor Fantastic Four series 

Award-winning Fantastic Four Project is back indoors at Macmillan Academy

On Sunday 6th November 2016, 34 children competed in several activities allowing them to prove themselves on a points system, which can be seen on our website. 21, 8-9 year olds & 13, 10-11 year olds, experience how it feels to compete in a friendly environment, allowing them to understand the rules and expectations of competitions that they may participate in on a bigger scale when they are over 11 years old.

When the weather starts to turn cooler, we still like to hold these events for children. Holding the event inside Macmillan Academy allows the children to stay warm, in the case of bad weather conditions, the event can still go ahead. The fantastic four event allows the young people to experience activities that they may be interested in concentrating on when they are older. These events (as with training) enables children to experience a variety of sports that could become their main interest. The fantastic four included, bounding board sprint and run, standing long jump and linear shot.

We were happy to welcome young athletes from, of course, our very own club, Middlesbrough AC (Mandale), and also Blyth Running Club, Tyne Bridge Harriers, Darlington Harriers, Birtley Harriers, Shildon Running Club and host club. The turn-out was great, the athletes enthusiastic and parent support amazing, many thanks from Marino to the new helpers who stepped in at the last minute to make this event such a success. 


Age group 8 - 9 Boys Girls

Age group 10 - 11 

awardregionalFinal 2016 outdoor meeting of Mandale's Award Winning Fantastic Four is Fabulous

Hurrah ! the closing performances from athletes competing in our Fantastic Four competition, on Sunday 25th September matched the high quality expected by Marino Rea Danilowicz when he dreamt about giving under 11's a platform to showcase their talents and hard work.

Despite a gusting wind, the sunshine kept everyone in good spirits and a superb turnout was registered with Mandale's club secretary, Jill King. In total, 30 athletes arrived from Birtley, Richmond & Zetland, Hartlepool Burn Road, Billingham Marsh House, Darlington Harriers, Shildon and the host club Middlesbrough (Mandale). The event was the last of the outdoor series of 4 supported by Middlesbrough Sports Village and Macks Solicitors and of course all those enthusiastic parents and officials.

Volunteers at first count were slightly short until willing helpers agreed to step up, sometimes at the cost of supporting their own children. Sincere thanks to everyone who joined the merry band, we are all extremely grateful and hope you will return next season.

After warming up with our dedicated coach Ray, the 8/9 and 10/11 year olds the starter Rob Kirtley sat all the children down to explain that the races would be conducted under a gun this settled the children down that were not expecting this, then into action on track; 75m sprint, plus either the 300m or 600m and field; long jump and howler.

Photos by David Bell more photos available here

Photo by David Bell more available here

At the end of the meeting series certificates of achievement were presented to all of the enthusiastic participants, throughout this years series the top 6 in both age groups girls and boys received match points the totals were calculated and the final series medals were awarded.

Bringing the meeting to an end Marino explained that he had been recently to the England Athletics North East Awards were he was presented the award of North East Project of the year, he went on to say this would not have been possible without all the help and goodwill of the volunteer helpers and preceded to ask others to join him on the podium, Jill King, registration, Kate Brazukas, Claire Wilmot, Richard Day field officials, Steve Hay track referee and Ray Oliver warm up leader and marksman.

The aim is for next season’s competition to be bigger and bolder, with even more competitors joining in from across the North East. To make this dream successful we would need longer list of volunteers to help support our current officials. If you feel you / a family member / a friend may be able to offer their time, please email Marino via the Mandale club page (www.middlesbroughac.org.uk/webmaster). Remember as volunteers we appreciate you may not be available for each event, but the larger the pool of helpers, the easier it is to host these wonderful competitions.

The first of the indoor series based at MacMillan Academy will be on Sunday November 6th. Details will be available on the club website. We look forward to welcoming you all back then. In the meantime enjoy training, work hard and remember at Middlesbrough AC there's a place for everyone!

Dates for diaries Indoor series dates: 6th November, 11th December, 29 January, 5th March.


Accumulative scores

10.07.16 Middlesbrough Sports Village match 3

Results Fnal

Awards accumulative - July

12.06.16 Middlesbrough Sports Village match 2

F4Ju2Amid glorious sunshine, on Sunday 13th June, 2016, our youngest athletes took to the track seeking personal bests. Growing from strength to strength, Middlesbrough Mandale's Fantastic Four attracted a splendid array of talents from seven local clubs.

Competitors from Richmond & Zetland, Shildon AC, Birtley AC, Darlington Harriers, Billingham Marsh House harriers, Hartlepool Burn Road harrier and the hosts Middlesbrough AC (Mandale) were all tested in the 75m sprint, long jump and howler. The 8/9 year old participants then competed in the 300m, whilst the 10/11 year olds challenged themselves over 600m - both groups showing real stamina and determination. Medals were awarded to all children in recognition of their hard work and commitment to jumping further, throwing longer and racing faster than their last performance.

F4Ju1With twice the number of competitors, officials were kept on their toes, they met the task with patience, skill and a superb sense of timing which meant supporters knew exactly when and where each athlete would be competing. What a fantastic crowd !

Many thanks again to both support teams, as without you these events would not be possible, wishing you all success in reaching your seasons PB's and remember keep training !

Results 8 - 9

Results 10 - 11

Awards accumulative points

Further photos available here

10.04.16 Middlesbrough Sports Village

On Sunday 10th April, the fantastic four event was back at the Middlesbrough Sports Village. The weather couldn’t have been better. The sun was shining which led to an enthusiastic crowd. After being inside Macmillan Academy over the winter period, it was a pleasure to have the weather on our side.

24 children participated in the event, a bit smaller than our usual gathering, so the groups were split into 3 instead of 4. A mixture of boys and girls aged 8/9 years and 10/11 years all competed in 4 activities; long jump, howler and 75m. The 8/9 group competed in a 300m long distance, while the older group pushed themselves through to 600m.


Photo by Mike Nixon further available here

Parents sat in the grandstand at the side of the stadium, encouraging the children as they raced along the track and competed in the other activities.

Children from Mandale AC (Mandale), Birkley Harriers, Shildon Athletic Club, Darlington Harriers & Richmond & Zetland Harriers all came together to compete. As always the children were awarded with a medal for their participation. Results are posted below.

At the end of the event, the group were awarded with a special athlete from Middlesbrough AC (Mandale); Amy Carr. At 18 years old, she is the World Champion for 100/200 m. Amy is such an inspiration. Amy has cerebral palsy, and her tenacity has enabled her to overcome any obstacles. A wonderful and inspiring end to a great day.

Vicky Brown


Age group 8 9

Age group 10 11



13.03.16 Macmillan Academy


The last indoor Fantastic Four for this season took place on March 13th. This was the fifth Fantastic Four event and once again it was a great success.

36 children from Mandale (AC), Chester-le-Street and Darlington Harriers turned up to have an afternoon of competitive fun.

As always with the Fantastic Four competitions, the children were split into groups; girls aged 8/9yrs, girls aged 10/11years, boys aged 8/9 years and boys 10/11years.

The event accommodated parents with seating along the side of the hall, so they could watch their children compete, or have an overall view from the spectator area upstairs. This was wonderful for parent support. Encouragement from the side lines was paramount to the excited and friendly atmosphere that filled the hall.

F4F2The main activities are: 8/9 yrs – long jump, howler, 64m and 128m. 10/11yrs – long jump, howler, 64m and 192m. The children swapped activities which were taking place throughout the hall. Demonstration by Charlotte Kelsey on the bounding boards gave a clear indication of what the children needed to do. But support from coaches was there throughout.

The Fantastic Four events are great for encouraging the younger children to compete in a fun way. There is no pressure from coaches, parents or volunteers. However, these events are a great start for youngsters who may decide to compete when they are over 11 years old.

The enjoyment was strengthened with the last activity, which was a relay between all the children. All mixed into different groups they showed their tenacity and support for each other as the children raced up and down the hall springing of the kick-boards.

F4F6To finish the jovial afternoon, Marino Rea Danilowicz meeting manager, who organises these great events, presented certificates of achievement to all the competing children and to Adam Mitchell, a senior cross country athlete who competed in NYSD a medal for proudly coming 3rd place overall in the cross country season. Adams award was a great reflection of the support from the coaches and the club, plus a huge encouragement for the younger children to understand their dreams of being an athlete can be achieved.

A huge thank you goes to Richard Day results, Jill King registration, Charles Stuart timing, Adam Mitchell starter, Ray Oliver First Aid and starters marksman, Ivana Nanut marshal, Dave Carter and Kate Brazukas field officials, Charlotte Kelsey, Daniel Brazukas, Eve Robson, Caitlin Birse athlete helpers.

The first of the out door series meetings all been held at Middlesbrough Sports Village will be on Sunday April 10th 3pm to 5pm. Marino will be looking for the parents of the attending children to help out on the day nothing too difficult, raking a pit or pulling a tape measure. Marino said "we need double the amount of people to run the outdoor meetings, as three events will be going off at the same time races, long Jump and howler. Your help will be much appreciated, jobs will be allocated on the day please come forward to make this an enjoyable event for the children". Macks Solicitors are supporting the outdoor series by sponsoring the awards for the top 3 boys and girls in both age groups, award rules can be found at the top of this page.

Vicky Brown


Group 8 - 9

Group 10-11



24.01.16 Macmillan Academy

Middlesbrough (AC) Mandale Club doesn’t let the weather stop them from training. Using the facilities at Macmillan Academy, has allowed the club to continue their sessions throughout the dark winter months. Due to this relationship the Club were able to hold one of their very popular Fantastic Four events.

The sports hall provided a decent area where children could compete against each other, using the skills they have learnt in training.

A combination of Middlesbrough (AC) Mandale Club, Blyth Running Club and Darlington Harriers & Athletics Club, meant that 43 children participated in the event on January 24th. Parents stood in the spectators’ area which is situated above the hall, giving them a great view of all the activities that were taking place.

Warming-up and stretches got the event off to a good start, as they jumped around the hall, becoming use to their surroundings and peers. The children were split into groups; Girls 10/11yrs, Girls 8/9 years, Boys 10/11yrs, Boys 8/9 years. Each group rotated around the hall, if a group was waiting to perform a certain task they had a mini game of ‘Tig’, allowing them to keep their muscles warm.

Abigail, one of the younger helpers demonstrated the 64m run to the children. The boys 8/9 years started off with the 64m run; running up and down the hall against the kick boards. The girls 10/11 years took part in the shot putt at the side of the hall. Children then rotated to the next tasks, which were standing long-jump and distance. All the children did extremely well, spurring each other on.

The event ended with mixed teams of 12 as they competed in a relay, using the kick boards at the end of the hall to keep up momentum. As the children encouraged and cheered each other on, it was a great way to end another fun event set-up by Marino, Middlesbrough (AC) Mandale Club.

A special thank you goes to our younger helpers Abigail, Daniel, Adam and Charlotte.

A massive thank you came from the meeting manager Marino Rea Danilowicz to the team helping run this event, without whose support the event could not happen, registration Jill King, results Richard Day, starters Tim Dredge, Adam Mitchell, starters marksman/first aid Ray Oliver, track judges Cyril Banks, Jane Kelsey, timekeeper Charles Stuart, field leaders Dave Carter, Kate Brazukas, Daniel Njai-Rowney, marshals Heather Peacock, Claire Wilmot. 

A further event is planned for the 13th of March.

Vicky Brown


group 8-9

group 10-11

21.11.15 Middlesbrough Sports Village

The first Indoor meeting of the Fantastic Four (UKA track and field permit IND 16/050) saw over 30 energetic under 11 club members from Middlesbrough AC (mandale) and Darlington Harriers, as well as children on Mandales club waiting list.

They competed in 40m dash, standing long jump, 320m run, and linear shot putt the meeting was held in the indoor track area of Middlesbrough Sports Village. The meeting took under 2 hours to complete with track and field events going at the same time, the under 11s started the meeting with a mass warm up session under the direction of under 11 group leaders, then splitting into girls and boys groups, starting events were 40m dash and standing long jump, the meeting went smoothly with no hick ups.

With the conclusion of the 320m run around cones and the linear shot putt medals from our sponsors Macks Solicitors were presented to all the competitors by 400m specialist Rabah Yousif (Newham & Essex Beagles) which electrified the competitors in the knowledge that Rabah has the qualifying time for the Rio 2016 Olympic games for the 4 x 400m team. 

This meeting would not have been able to take place without the help from volunteers, duties covered registration, results, starter team, time keepers, track judges, field judges as well as area marshals, included in the volunteers were older athletes from Middlesbrough Mandale who gained valuable experience working with the timing team and field officials.

The organisers are looking to develop this event by inviting other local athletic clubs in the New Year to 2 indoor meetings. Before starting the planning for a 4 match outdoor series followed again in the closed track and field season by 4 indoor meetings.

To make the Fantastic Four a continuing success the organisers will be looking for additional volunteers to help in the smooth running of this meeting making it a fun and safe environment for the under 11's to take their first steps in track and field competition.If you would like to help out please contact Marino via his contact page full results





Another successful event from Middlesbrough (AC) Mandale Club this weekend. The fantastic four event enabled Under 11's to compete in four activities; 75m, long jump, 600m and howler. Split into four groups; 2 boy teams & 2 girl teams, the teams took it in turns to do the activities, rotating around the track at Middlesbrough Sports Village. F4sep1Lucky enough to have the sun shining, cloudless skies and the rain at bay, it was a lovely crisp and refreshing September morning. This, combined with an air of enthusiasm from both children, parents and officials/coaches/volunteers contributed to a fun morning full of joviality and fun.

The crowds from the stands called-out their support and praise which encouraged all the children. Within each of the four groups the children also cheered each other on, inspiring each child to do their best.These types of events help to build confidence, strength and vitality while promoting overall well-being. It has to be recognised that these events would struggle to take place if it wasn't for the assistance of all the volunteer coaching staff, officials and helpers, also the young Mandale athletes helping out and contributing to making things run smoothly, Abby, Charlotte, Tamara, Adam, Daniel, Max and Tyler.

By working together the children can experience a fun-filled morning without the pressure that a competition may bring. Although the children are competing, the ethos behind the day is about building the children's own ability, rather than comparing it to others.All children received a medal of recognition at the end of the event, as all of them did extremely well to participate in all four activities that required physical exertion and tenacity. A huge well done to all children who took part.

Vicky Brown

full results



Inaugural meeting June 27th 2015 

F4With no threat of rain and the sun shining brightly, 47 eager under 11s from Middlesbrough Athletic Club (Mandale) and Darlington Harriers arrived for a competition based on the UKA Quadkids. The children were put into 4 groups, rotating through the Four disciplines of Long Jump, 600 m, Howler and 75 m.

Yesterday saw the first ever competition for many of these youngsters with no pressures unless you count Grandma shouting in the background. It was all good fun with lots of support and encouragement from siblings, parents and other relations, some coming from as far away as Glasgow, just to see their family take part.

We had the company of Chris Tomlinson giving tips at the Long Jump area. We also had John Stacey from England Athletics, there to present the Clubmark certificate to the club.It was a very successful day aided by many officials and committee from our club but especially we recognised the contributions and assistance from willing parents. 

On the financial side, we asked the youngsters to pay the stadium entrance fee and provided them with their numbers, a bottle of water and a whole lot of fun! Middlesbrough borough Council kindly allowed us the use of the track.

We hope that the next occasion will be even bigger and better with the addition of the Council run under 11 group. All information on the next Fantastic Four will be put on the website by Marino as soon as we have set a future date.

Jill King