The committee are always looking for people to help out in whatever capacity they can; we will need more officials next year for home matches and especially away fixtures. Help with coaching is a must. We have a pool of assistant coaches, they assist the higher qualified coaches, we can therefore attract more athletes which will in turn reflect on the competition teams we field. Having strength in depth will help us cover all the events at matches, and hopefully we will get more points and win more of matches we are entered in. Win leagues, go to playoffs and get into higher leagues.

There are other jobs apart from the committee roles that need to be done such as fundraising, making the match day officials meals, which are also very important.

If you have time to help out in whatever capacity, please don’t hesitate to contact someone on the committee you can e-mail us just check out the club website at

A current list of officers of the club elected on 28.02.17 can be found here

Club Roles and Responsibilities



Membership Secretary


Press, Publicity Officer

Welfare Officer


Junior Co-ordinator

Team Manager

Website Developer

Club Development Officer